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What We Do

All-in-one program for dreamers to become real entrepreneurs

Step into a 12-week immersive online program to create your dream startup and live life on your terms. Be taught by a pro over live classes, join other entrepreneurs, and win $15,000 and an exclusive network.
Learn in a live classroom
Training is done in a virtual classroom through live classes and small groups of five. You'll spend 90 minutes in class two times a week, with additional project work. Discuss with peers who are just as focused on startups as you are.
Taught by world-class experts
Your instructor built a startup that’s raised over $10 million dollars by 22-years-old. He mentors you live in each class as you build your startup. Guest mentors who’ve started billion-dollar-startups also help you.
Build a startup in bite-sized projects
Why can't building a startup be a breeze? We've boiled down the core elements of a startup into 16 easily digestible projects. Every project builds on each other, so that you’re left with a fleshed out early-stage startup by the end.
Win prizes and funding
Winners of the 12 week tournament can win prizes like intros to strategic investors, venture capitalists, and a $15,000 check from us. We’ve already invested in Zogo Finance.
Develop practical skills and mindset
You'll become trained in the art of the startup, from fundraising to hiring to attracting press, we cover it all.
Join like-minded entrepreneurs
You'll attend classes in small groups of five other motivated entrepreneurs. You'll feel inspired and more motivated than you've ever been.
How it works

Develop the skills to build a successful startup – in 12 weeks

Develop an idea
Most entrepreneurs fail to come up with a worthwhile idea in a large, fast-growing market. We teach you the step-by-step process to find a compelling market need, conduct thorough research, and create a solution for an opportunity that others have ignored.
Find a co-founder
Most entrepreneurs can’t find the right co-founder for their startup or have poor experiences with co-founders. We’ll help you source and convince the best co-founder for your particular startup.
Raise money
Most entrepreneurs burn through their own savings and don’t know how to raise money from investors. We teach you the step-by-step process to meet the right investors, convince them that your startup deserves a shot, and have them write you a check.
Attract press
Most entrepreneurs can’t convince one reporter to write about their story on a local media outlet, let alone on Forbes or TechCrunch. We’ll provide the step-by-step strategy for you to be featured on national media outlets.
Acquire users
Most entrepreneurs fail to acquire their ideal customers. We teach you the step-by-step process to pinpoint your target customer, have them rave about your product, and attract more users than you can even manage.
Get revenue
Most entrepreneurs fail to attract sales predictably and profitably. We teach you the step-by-step process to grow your revenue from your first dollar to your millionth dollar in sales.
Build a brand
Most entrepreneurs may be able to ship a product but they’ll fail to see the bigger picture and build a community. We’ll provide you with the know-how to build a delightful brand that’s known to wow customers beyond a single product.
Your Live Instructor

Patrick Lee

After dropping out from a full ride at Duke University, Lee embarked on transforming the antiquated, multi-billion-dollar orthodontics industry, founding Orthly at just eighteen-years-old. Since launching in 2017, Orthly, now Dandy, has received more than $10 million dollars in funding from top venture capitalists, was named among "Five Startups Changing Healthcare” by Inc. Magazine, and has been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, Business Insider, ABC, CBS and BuzzFeed. The company is based in New York City and boasts a team with experience at Facebook, Google, Uber, Dell, Yelp, Goldman Sachs, and TwoSigma.
You remind me of me.
Sam Altman
CEO of OpenAI
Learn through a step-by-step curriculum
Dramatically improve your skills through comprehensive live classes, projects, and feedback sessions. We've paired a world-class curriculum with an unforgettable learning experience designed to level you up.
Week 1-2: Ideation
time12 hrs
Discovering a Billion Dollar Startup Idea Before Anyone Else Catches On
In this module, we take a deep dive into the ideation process of a great startup. Your instructor, Patrick, breaks down how he was able to discover the now multi-billion-dollar orthodontics industry years before it exploded in the public eye. He reveals the step-by-step process by how he conducted his research process and verified that there existed both a huge market opportunity and a compelling customer need. By the end of this module, you’ll apply the strategies and tested frameworks to discover your own unicorn startup idea.
Why Most Ideas Fail
Learn why most ideas don’t pass these criteria and ultimately fail to gain significant traction in the market
The 3 Elements of Every Great Idea
Learn what the attributes of great ideas are and how you can start implementing them with your idea
The Proven System to Identifying a Customer Need and Creating a Solution
Learn how to create a compelling solution to any problem in a market
Perfecting Timing and Entry into a Market
Learn about the stages that every market goes through and when the right time to enter a market is
Advanced Strategies to Conduct Research and Know if an Idea is Compelling
Learn the advanced step-by-step process to research every stakeholder involved in a market and use first principles to know what is true and what is “noise”
Advanced Strategies to Validate Your Product Before Investing Time and Money
Learn how to breakdown any solution to its core assumptions and implement advanced validation techniques
If my idea is great, why hasn’t anyone created it already?
Learn why great ideas are often missed by everyone, even when it seems obvious in hindsight
30+ other topics
Week 3-5: Fundraising
time16 hrs
Raising Millions of Dollars in Investment Starting With No Connections or Network
In this module, we take a deep dive into closing your first check from angel investors to raising millions of dollars from venture capitalists. Your instructor, Patrick, breaks down how he was able to close his first angel investors through a cold-email after moving to Philadelphia from Toronto with few American connections or network. He reveals the step-by-step process by how he went about identifying potential investors, writing effective emails, and building relationships over time to ultimately lead to a check.
In the world of venture capital, Lee’s startup, Orthly, has raised over $10 million dollars. He dives into the process of raising venture capital, using advanced tools in Crunchbase to research and qualify prospects, identifying introduction paths, and using the double opt-in method to connect with partners at VC funds. He shares the emails that led to replies and meetings with investors like Tim Draper, a billionaire venture capitalist, and Justin Waldron, co-founder of Zynga. Patrick covers how to create a winning pitch deck and shares the metrics and qualities in a startup that investors look for. He provides the materials and mental preparation one should have at each step in the the multi-stage meeting process with venture capitalists.
By the end of this module, you’ll apply the strategies and tested frameworks to close your first check and have everything ready to raise a venture capital round for your startup.
The 10 Stages in the Fundraising Journey
Learn the bird’s eye view of every stage in fundraising, from grants to angel to seed to Series A and IPO
Understanding the Mind of the Investor
Learn how investors think and assess any startup and the founding team before making an investment
The Proven System for Closing an Angel Round
Learn the step-by-step process to go from no network to having meetings with hundreds of angel investors and raising a sizable round
Writing Cold-Emails to Angels and VCs Successfully
Learn how to write cold-emails to angel investors and venture capitalists who you’ve never met and get a 50%+ reply rate
The Proven System for Closing a VC Round
Learn the step-by-step process to go from no network to having meetings with hundreds of venture capitalists and closing a multi-million-dollar round
Advanced Strategies to Source and Filter Qualified Investors
Learn exactly how to source and filter investors who are relevant for your startup using tools like Crunchbase, NFX, and AngelList
Creating a Winning Pitch Deck
Learn how to create a pitch deck that wows investors and gets them interested in investing
30+ other topics
Week 6-7: Attracting Press
time16 hrs
Getting Featured on Forbes and TechCrunch without a PR Agency or Money
In this module, we take a deep dive into the process of attracting major press attention from media outlets like Forbes, Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch, CBS, and ABC for your startup. Your instructor, Patrick, breaks down how he was able to be featured on all of the aforementioned media outlets within 18 months of launching his startup, Orthly. He reveals the step-by-step process by how he identifies appropriate reporters at relevant media outlets, writes custom emails, and ultimately lands interviews with reporters. He even shares a recorded interview he did with TechCrunch and shares his secrets to speaking with reporters. By the end of this module, you’ll apply the strategies and tested frameworks to have reporters from national media outlets flocking to cover your startup.
The Proven System for Attracting National Press Attention
Learn how to implement a three step system to land interviews with major media outlets regardless of the startup you’re building
How to Get Reporters from Forbes Reaching Out to You
Learn the step-by-step process to have reporters asking to interview you without spending money
Packaging Your Startup in a the Right Story that Attracts Reporters
Learn about all of the types of stories reporters love and how to package your startup into one of those stories effectively
6 Rules when Speaking with Reporters
Learn how to speak to reporters so they’re left wanting more
Doing Press Releases Right
Learn how to effectively write a press release and have it eyeballed by the top media outlets instead of hearing crickets
Why What You Know About Press Attention is Wrong
Learn why getting press shouldn’t be the goal of a startup
How Press Attention Can Both Elevate and Destroy Your Startup
Learn about the psychological dangers of receiving press and how to manage your ego and maximize the success of your startup
30+ other topics
Week 8-9: Hiring the Best
time10 hrs
Recruiting A Players and Building an Organization For Scale
In this module, we take a deep dive into arguably the most important factor to a startup’s success, its team. Your instructor, Patrick, breaks down how he was able to recruit the first person he ever pitched his idea to as a co-founder, someone who worked at Google as a Product Manager and Facebook as a software engineer. Despite Patrick’s lack of work experience, he acquired a proven system to convince A players to join his startup’s mission from the advice of his mentors. Orthly has continued to attract the very best, including former key employees of Uber, Goldman Sachs, Booz Allen Hamilton, and multi billion dollar global hedge funds and venture capital firms. He reveals the step-by-step process by how he sources, speaks to, hires, and retains the very best talent. By the end of this module, you’ll apply the strategies and tested frameworks to find a co-founder, expand your team, and build a world-class organization with exceptional culture.
Why Your First Few Employees Will Make or Break Your Company
Learn why even having one unexceptional employee can have drastic consequences for your startup
Finding and Convincing an All-Star Co-Founder to Join You
Learn how to source and persuade an exceptional individual to join your startup as a co-founder or team member
Characteristics You Should Look for in Founding Employees
Learn what traits to look for in founding employees and the red flags to watch out for
Writing a Compelling Job Posting
Learn how to write a job posting that leaves applicants thrilled to join your startup
The Key Questions You Should Ask in Interviews
Learn exactly what questions you should ask candidates and know what types of answers reveal certain traits
The 5 Stages to Startup Hiring
Learn exactly how to source and filter candidates at each stage in the startup journey, growing from 0 to 100+ employees
Using Recruiting Websites and Agencies
Learn about the various recruiting websites and agencies you can use, how to use them effectively, and their pros and cons
30+ other topics
Week 10-12: Scaling
time16 hrs
Using Digital Ad Platforms to Profitably Drive Sales from Zero to 7-Figures
In this module, we take a deep dive into using Facebook and other digital ad platforms in order to profitably generate revenue for your startup from ground zero to millions of dollars in revenue a year. Your instructor, Patrick, breaks down how he was able to scale his startup, Orthly, to sizable revenues using Facebook ads, and hit a 700% return-on-investment in advertisement spend. He reveals the step-by-step process by how he created effective ad headlines, identified appropriate target audiences, and drove engaged traffic to his startup’s product. By the end of this module, you’ll apply the strategies and tested frameworks to deploy your own digital ads, start selling your product, and generating revenue.
Why Paid Advertising is Better than Organic Leads
Learn why “don’t start with paid advertising” is a myth and how paid advertising from the get-go can transform your startup
Why Most People Fail to Return Money on their Ad Spend
Learn exactly why most entrepreneurs fail to return any money on their ad spend and the key reason they’re failing
The Key to Outperforming in Facebook Advertising
Learn the secret to outperforming with Facebook ads with a simple strategy when deploying ads
Creating the Perfect Facebook Ad
Learn how to architect a Facebook ad that drives traffic and sales to your startup’s website
Writing Compelling Headlines
Learn how to write compelling copy for your ads using David Ogilvy’s principles in direct response advertising
Finding Your Target Audiences
Learn how to identify and segment audiences that would be willing to purchase your product
Crafting a Winning Digital Sales Funnel
Learn the 7-step sales funnel that acquires customers again and again and understand metrics like Cost Per Click, Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate, LTV:CAC ratio
30+ other topics
Past Students

“Kuzo helped me build my startup from an idea to $1,000,000/year.”

– Jaden Pereira, Founder of

In October 2019, Jaden and his co-founder Aaron Paul joined the Kuzo Entrepreneurship Program, and by May 2020, we helped them grow TyltGO to $960,000 in yearly revenue with over 30,000 deliveries completed.

In May 2020, Jaden and Aaron were funded by Y-Combinator, the same investors that initially funded Dropbox, Airbnb, and Stripe (all billion dollar companies today). TyltGo continues to grow quickly to this day.

Become like Jaden
Past Students

“Since joining Kuzo, my startup has turned into a booming success.”

– Bolun Li, Founder of

In October 2019, Bolun joined Kuzo. He had been experimenting with several business models prior to joining; we helped him develop his product, refine his business model and go-to-market strategy, and scale.

Fast forward to 2020, Zogo has grown from $0 to 7-figures in yearly revenue with over 75,000 users.

Become like Bolun

Ready to supercharge your startup success?

You have options – all for the same incredible experience.
Kuzo Startup Program
Live intimate classes
36 hours of live classes, where you'll get instant feedback from your instructor and discuss with like-minded peers.
World-class instruction
Your instructor built a startup that’s raised over $10 million dollars by 22-years-old. He mentors you live in each class.
Practical projects
By working on 16 projects, you’ll be building an early-stage startup with revenue, users, and funding.
Access to Exclusive Network
Lifetime membership in an exclusive network of leading entrepreneurs and investors in the world.
Two easy ways to pay
over 12 months, no credit impact
Kuzo vs Others
Kuzo costs thousands less than traditional business courses offered by universities — and none of those focus on building a startup.


Still have questions?

If your questions aren’t covered below, you can chat with us.

What if I don’t have a startup idea?
That’s completely fine. We’ll start from ground zero and guide you to find a compelling market opportunity. For those with an idea already, we’ve helped many students in the past refine their idea and find even more promising opportunities.
I don’t have any coding experience, have never built a product before, or marketed a product online – how can I do all of that?
Everything you need to build a successful startup is taught within the accelerator program, so don’t worry about not having the skills today. You’ll learn the skills and the know-how to find a technical co-founder, build a viable product for your target customer, and distribute Facebook ads from $1/day to $10,000/day in ad spend, profitably and predictably.
Do I need money to get going on my startup?
Most startups require some capital to develop over its lifetime. However, that money doesn’t need to come out of your own pocket. Unlike small businesses, there is an entire ecosystem of startup investors who are looking to invest in startups. The accelerator program teaches you how to find these investors, approach them with your startup in the right way, and ultimately close an investment. Many of our students have raised venture capital and angel investments. For example, Annick, one of our students, was able to raise her first $50,000 within a couple of weeks of joining Kuzo, using what she learned in class, her projects, and personal mentorship from the instructor.
What if the strategies in this accelerator don’t work for me?
While we’re confident these strategies will work with anyone, as we’ve tested these strategies with many students and have already created multi-millionaires, you can enroll and if you aren’t satisfied by the end of the 12 weeks, you can opt to use your risk-free guarantee, where we’ll refund your entire investment if you find that the experience wasn’t valuable to you, as long as you give the classes and projects a fair shot at completion. Why would we do this? We’ve heard such great feedback from our students and believe it will speak for itself.
What is the time commitment and schedule for this class?
Classes are twice a week for 90-minutes each. We do our best to schedule classes that accommodate each student and have found that evenings work best. In addition to class time, our students should expect 1-2 hours of project work each week.
What if I’m too busy right now? Can I enroll later?
We launch our startup accelerator program every 3 weeks. The program is 12-weeks long so if you already have an idea for your startup or are eager to acquire the skills to build a startup, we encourage you to enroll as early as possible.
How much does this class cost?
Unlike traditional accelerators, we don’t take equity in your business, since founders should be entitled to the equity and value they’ve created. Instead, KuzoClass charges tuition to enroll in classes. We offer two financing options: A 12-month financing plan of $125/month and a 6-month financing plan of $197/month. If you’d like to pay entirely upfront, you’ll receive 30% off your tuition for a one-time $997 payment.
Do I take this class from home?
All classes are hosted virtually so our students can work remotely. You can attend classes from home or anywhere with internet access.
Will I get direct feedback from Patrick Lee?
Yes! Patrick attends every class and provides personalized insights that relate directly to your startup.
Do you have a refund policy?
If you attend every class and complete each project and are not satisfied with the experience, we’ll refund your enrollment fee in full.
Does it matter which timezone I’m in?
Classes are live. You can attend classes from any timezone, and we can host students from anywhere in the world. You will be expected to attend live lectures and discussions with other members of your small group at specific times.
When does this class start? When’s the next one?
Our classes launch every 3 weeks. You can enroll in our next program now and reserve your spot in a future cohort today!

Meet the KuzoClass Fellows

Anyone who dreams to start their own business with no idea where to start will learn everything they need to know about entrepreneurship.
Iris G., KuzoClass Fellow
The amazing, intelligent and seasoned entrepreneur, Patrick Lee, is a great person and provides quality advice on what it takes to succeed with your startup.
Jaden P., KuzoClass Fellow
I don’t think I would have thought of my startup without KuzoClass. What I liked most was that I was learning from someone who actually started a startup.
Michael M., KuzoClass Fellow
My experience at KuzoClass has been nothing but amazing. You’ll gain that confidence and be able to start a startup of your own and make it come to life.
Aaron P., KuzoClass Fellow
I've always been interested in starting a business, but the whole idea was one big black box. Now, after taking KuzoClass, I'm more ready than ever.
Aradhya B., KuzoClass Fellow
You have someone to talk to and someone to answer your questions. You build an idea that KuzoClass helps you form and see it through to a profitable startup.
Annick T., KuzoClass Fellow
I love that the assignments were not like the impractical ones in school. The projects have been so practical where I actually want to work on them.
Sahil S., KuzoClass Fellow
I realized just how engaging the online platform would make all the students be, especially the discussions and projects.
Jonathan H., KuzoClass Fellow
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